giovedì, agosto 06, 2009


Ok then.
Food diary, as forcasted, was a success for about 3 days. I know myself well enough, and I knew it wouldn't last...but I still wanted to give a try. Sooner or later I will change this horrible thing about myself and probably I will become more consistent in what I do.

Meanwhile my little girl was born.
She fab, but like all babies she needs a lot of attention, care, time and nerves.
I am already at the stage of crying when she does.....
I am thinking a lot, but I don't have time to write or to talk to anyone about it because I have to take care of her.

Monday will be Kimboz' birthday and I'd love to go out with least for couple of hours...
Hopefully I'll find someone who will stay with her.

Now, of course I have to go....

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