lunedì, giugno 22, 2009

Am I what I eat?!!?!

I decided, and hopefully I'll stick to it this time, to start a food diary.
Well of course today because it's Monday! And as all the good important "changing" things in your life is a good ritual that you start it on a Monday...I suppose because it will take longer to get to Friday or Saturday and chuck everything in the rubbish bin with the same enthusiasm you started it!!!
Food diary starting today.....
I'm already shocked by the "normal things" I had for is so horribly true...when you see the things black on white (or blue or pink if you're using your pc!!!) you feel like a pig!!!
I know I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant and that I shouldn't worry about the weight. In fact I'm not. But since 3 weeks ago I started to have all the cravings I didn't have in 8 months...which is good from one side as I didn't have to fight against them before, but it's bad because I started to think that because I wasn't bad for about 8 months I could let myself go during the last one....BIG MISTAKE!!!!! My ass doesn't almost fit in my tracksuit anymore...and that's NOT GOOD!!!
So from today I better take responsibility for what I introduce in my tummy and indirectly in her tummy as well (and why not.....not so indirectly on my thighs too!)
Let's see how long it will last....if I'm very very good I might be able to make it until the day the little one will pop out, or if I want to be extremely hopeful, I could last even afterwards......
....yeah right!

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