venerdì, dicembre 12, 2008

How hard is to be faithful?
Is it a lie? Is it actually possible to do it or it's an illusion?
Why I feel like a silly dreamer because I believe in it, when for the rest of the world is just something to mess around with?
: (
Open to suggestions.......

martedì, dicembre 09, 2008

What I really really want.....

Beef stew - trial 1

Definitely failed!
Maybe the meat wasn't exactly the right one, maybe the pieces were too small.....dunno, but the result was NOT like my mum's one.....
The meat was cooked in about 20 minutes or less....How am I supposed to leave it on the stove for hours??!!?!? 
I'll try again...not very soon though. 
We'll see if I come up with new kitchen experiments in the next week.
: )
Tomorrow I've got my last day of the course and after I'll be a teacher! It's exciting but scary at the same time. It's like when you're at school or at Uni...until you're there everything is fine, but afterwards the real you has to face the real world. Go out, put yourself into the game, risk....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have no idea what I'm going to do, where I'll start looking and if I'll ever find something here. And everyone around is not helping. The only thing you hear people talking about is the recession, that there are no more money around, that the economy is collapsing and that one person on three is going to loos the job......doesn't sound inspiring...does it?

martedì, dicembre 02, 2008

Della serie...."ah poco freddo"! Ieri mattina guardo fuori dalla finestra e vedo il lago un po' strano....tipo acqua immobile e penso "si vabbè non può mica essere..." E invece può essere! Per la prima volta in vita mia ho visto un lago ghiacciato!!! La giornata era stupenda sole meraviglioso, ma un fffreddo della matriosca! Qui un paio di fotine per testimoniare giustamente ciò che finora avevo solo visto nei film con New York o Chicago nel perdiodo di Natale!
Nella prima foto un gabbiano che cammina sul ghiaccio come se nulla fosse. Nella seconda foto una parte di lago dove il ghiaccio lasciava spazio a un pochino di acqua (suppongo gelida!)
: )