giovedì, ottobre 09, 2008

Million things to say....

Ok I'll start in order from when I left....
Me and Andrea went in France for a weekend to get together with some of our lovely friends (French, Chilean, Belgian, Italian) from Kiwiland.
It was amazing.
After that I spent a week in Catania. Lovely of course to see mum and dad and some of my friends, but shoking to see how the city has become.
Straight after Sicily I started my course to become an English teacher.
I had my first class on Wednesday and I'll have another one tomorrow. I'm the only foreigner, but so far I'm not so bad!
I'm not in the mood of saying so many things, but I suppose better this than complete silence.
Probably is aways like that: when you have in theory million things to say you don't have the time to sit down and write.
Oh well now I go. I'll read some newspaper, get upset because of some other Italian's shameful things and get back to prepare my class.
Oh here's a link to an artice (in Italian only, sorry) I believe very interesting...

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