martedì, luglio 01, 2008

"I just want to be happy"

Today while I was cycling around town I saw a girl on the floor just by the footpath. Some of us stopped there to help her.
She was lying down, cofused, incredibly still and slow.
She was bleeding a lot from the back of her head.
She was sad, she was in pain. Inside and out.
One thing she said that hitted me like a punch in the face... "I just want to be happy".
She was in tears.
I really wanted to say: "You will be happy"
But how can you say that? How can you guarantee to someone they will never suffer again? It was horrible. I felt incredibly powerless. Is like when someone is begging you to stop their pain and you know there is no way for you to do it.
I hope she will be happy and I'll pray for her happiness to come, hoping that this will be useful somehow.
Picture: Kapiti Island, NZ

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