giovedì, gennaio 17, 2008

ta dah da dah

It sounds weird, but we are doing it.
It souds so strange and everything around it is somehow surreal, daft almost.

People live on weddings, its catering, the choice for the venue.
It's normal and special at the same time.
A bit like Christmas, it's a sacred thing, but, as well as everything where money revolves around an event, it's a fair of vanities.

It's my party but it's also the fest of those who expect us to do something. It's almost everyone's say that "It's a wedding!". "Però è un matrimonio!" they said in Italy. A special moment of your life where you are not only allowed to spend a fortune in something that'll vanish quickly and be buried in memory. You're REQUIRED to do it.

I can see the shark's fin. And I'm bleeding.

And in all of this carnival. I see her. And she's there, stable and smiling as everything revolves crazily. Scared and warm she looks at me. And I can only think that of all this crazed play, she's the only sanity left. That whatever scared me out before, is now my light at the end of the tunnel.
We are the ones that will be left of all this, my love.
We will look back and laugh. We will smile and feel warm. Because there's nothing which can hold us back, except ourselves.

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