sabato, settembre 01, 2007

can't be bothered

I feel a bit grumpy today.
Last night we went to have dinner in a very nice place in St. Albans where they do spanish tapas. Good food, very nice dessert, bloody expensive wine (bloody me) and a Portoguese waiter son of a football player and an Italian model!
After we had a beer in a very very tipical English pub - by the way I absolutely love the atmosphere of the real English pubs!- and my grumpyness starts to come out.
Is not something big, I just feel not alright. Don't like myself too much, don't feel like doing things, don't feel like want to listen to others....well you know just grumpy.
I would like to move out of this place.
I would like to feel free. Not having people slamming doors at 8 am on saturday morning, and others not changing the rubbish bag, and others simply using a volume of voice which would be appropriate in a crowded stadium but not at home, because is their only way they know how to communicate.
Sorry. I feel such a bitch.
Buy I really feel I need my space.
My personal, precious space. Being alone in a room, put my fingers in my nose without feeling scared that someone might be around....little things like that!!!
At least one good thing.
I started to go to the gym. it is not huge, but is a first step.

L'altro giorno stavo cercando delle fotine di vari sport su internet. Forse sara` la mia scarsa dote di ingegno informatico, ma non ne ho trovata una che mi facesse dire "wow"!!
Quindi ho deciso.
Il mio nuovo sogno nel cassetto:
diventare fotografa sportiva. Cioe` molto a modo mio.
Fare le foto che vorrei vedere, ma che nessuno finora ha realizzato.
Magari potrei cominciare facendo l'assistente del Tinez!!!

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