lunedì, agosto 27, 2007

Piccole cose della vita

Little things that make my day.
Yes exactly... a pair of shoes.
For most means nothing, for me is a big achievement.
The shoes I never dare to spend my money for.
Yeah I'm happy.
This represent now I do have a job that allows me to spend a little bit around on things I like...just because!

Of course now I'm bit tired, I lost whatever inspiration I had, and I can't be bothered to write something that has some sense.

I miss some of my friends. I'm upset that I am missing some important step of their lives.
I'm happy somehow of being here, I love what I'm doing and I think I'm lucky.
But I miss you guys.
I hate to be so confused. And the more I travel, I see places and people, and I do different things, the less I feel ok in one place.
I always feel guilty of missing something, of not being closer to the people I love.
Not being sure of what I want from my life. Not sure of being strong enough to make the right decision.
I'll try. Promise. Tidy up inside my little gray brain a put things together.
Love mum, dad, pig, sister.

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