martedì, agosto 07, 2007

Mare in tempesta

I am rolling on perilous waves.
I am wavering on the brink of my own destiny.

Karma is that thing that comes back in your life, over and over again, knocking quietly at your door, reminding of who you are, and what You can never escape.
*As the big wheeel revolves, You* it tells you with impassible face *only spin around yourself, as Yourself is the centre of the wheel*

There are memories we leave behind, hoping that a faraway trip to another land would keep them on the far shore.
No such thing.

Liebe macht Blind

We believe very high of ourselves. We can only be constantly disappointed by the rules of Destiny, as it reverts our ambitions and our vacuity.

This is my mood today, not bright, i guess, even because of one headsplitting headache, which decided to land on me just the day before and important report is due and I need to look at the pc screen for a while.

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