domenica, giugno 10, 2007

English Interlude

Hi all.
It's been a long time since i last wrote something I wrote all by myself on this blog.
There's so much to say about the long time in between. And about how I feel.
There's changes, and responsibilities coming, and there's a feeling, more and more pressing, of finalising something in my life.

The new job I'm involved in is more of an applied research job and less of pure research... it is both frightening (As it resebles more the kind of job i used to do in Catania, and from which i ran away) and enthusiasming (as I might start to work is a company R&D kind of environment, earn a stable income, be able to provide for my lady, and maybe think of settling down... for good).

Also, England has been more of a simple shock for me... and I've gone through New Zealand, Australia, the South Pacific Heavenly Kingdom of Tonga (all of which You'll hear of in the next post, as soon as me and Barb become less lazy)... but I was astonished by some things in UK, which I would never have suspected. In order of magnitude:

a) CCTV cameras. England is the single country with more Close circuit security cameras in the WORLD! We were taught that English people held privacy in high regard... well it's apparently a cliché of the old times.

b) When we went to a real estate to rent a small home, we were told that to accept us as tenant we should have agreed to let a special agent search our Credit History!!! Basically You agree to let someone search into your past, if you used to pay your bills in time or not! Same comment as the previous point apply.

Renting an apartment witha single bedroom might easily cost 1200 Euros (all included). We settled for a bedroom in a home with other 6 people, but we have our own bathroom ... for just 560£ (roughly 800 Euros). Frightening. Today we payed a visit to the beautiful London. A single ticket to reach a Tube station 4 stops away costs 4£ (6€). Ouch.

So I'm concerned. All this changes, is it going to be for the best?

Dark clouds are coming, or is it just a shinier dawn preparing its arrival? Soon more news.

P.S.: today strolling by the central roads of London I met the fantastic and recognisable smile of Jerry Hyams, with whom I stopped to chat a couple of minutes. Lovely and so unexpected to meet him. Obviously the though goes to Isa, whom I haven't seen for some time now :-( . Good luck for what You know, French girl!!

P.S. (2) : this is a call for emails. Guys if you read this and want to hear from me, write me, I'll be more than happy to write You back. But for the moment I seem to hardly be able to initiate the correnspondance.


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Blogger Schwelmo ha detto...

Well, well. Come back to New Zealand! Rents are cheap no surveillance cameras and nice people. Even the weather is allright. Or Australia? HGuess Dorit would appreciate if we all settle in Melbourne!

2:19 AM  
Anonymous Martina ha detto...

Keep up the good work.

5:27 AM  

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