sabato, maggio 12, 2007

"We come from the earth, we return to the earth, and in between we garden" unknown author

First of all I have to say to Isa that maybe I have a clue about Easter bunny. In the German tradition (that's what I read, so sorry to any German if I say bulls*%!). Basically on the saturday night the Easter bunny hide the eggs and the morning after the kids get up and go to find the eggs. Sound lots of fun!! (yeah right!). I know it still doesn't explain why we have a bunny in the way, but at least we know it does something (apparently kids love it, I would say that could piss me off a little!).
I hope that finally this time I'll be able to publish what I write, considered that I tryed at least 4 time here and probably 5 e-mail to Isa that everytime were deleted in some way or another... I know I'm a little dumb ass! ihihi
Ok now we get serious......time for some pics ladies and gentlemen!

I'll put just few pics per post,otherwise I mess up! : P

Scudy and Kimboz backpackers

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