martedì, maggio 22, 2007

There and back again (first chapter: Melbourne)

This is the tale of the small adventure that brought us home once again, after quite some time.

10/04/07 8.00 a.m. at the flight centre, Palmerston North. Our tickets still need fixing, but we are about an hour away from leaving Palmy. We bring coffee to Brydie and she fixes the fixable, and wishes us good luck for the rest. We rush home and sell Penny (good bye little faithful car!) to Yvan and Dorothy…. Wheew, we are late and need to run to the train station (with Isa too) , where the train is already waiting, with a huge surprise… a small band of people is waiting there, with a bedsheet painted with a goodbye message! Judith, Jana, Carlos, Jaime, Becky are there waving as the train, with the Frenchs, and there’s even more! Jana’s heart of sugar has baked us lunch… Yes, baked!

We were told by virtually ANY kiwi that travelling by train was not good. It actually was a new and amazing way to see the north island, all through the inlands, up to Auckland, where we went straight to a motel.

11/04/07 4.30 a.m. Free shuttle service to the airport. Arrival at Melbourne quite early in the morning, transfer to town. We get to Doritz and Jan’s, and meet with the guys! We spend the day around Melbourne, brekkie with juices and coffe (AU$ 12.50), St Kilda’s beach, and walking around the City. Dinner at Borsari’s Italian restaurant, in the heart of Lygon Street. Paisà!

12/04/07 Dorit takes us around town. Shopping, Aboriginal museum, Cafè Pellegrini (first decent coffee in AGES). Jan prepares dinner: fish and veggies (delicious!) Kimboz gets sick, though (ouch).

13/04/07 Kimboz and Scudy roam freely around town. We get caught in the shops at Victoria Market and decide that it’s our turn to prepare dinner… Vic market is like at home, full of mozzarella and prosciutto, and more delicatessen. We felt like a country boy in the big city for the first time. Hairdresser together at the hairdressers’ school. They kidnap Barby for ages, the asian students are puzzled by the request of hair straightening… poor guys. Dinner, prosciutto and figs, mozzarella, dips and crackers, pasta with shrimps and zucchini, fennel salad.

14/07/07 Jan wakes up early and hires the car (poor guy). We leave Melbourne for a trip to Philip Island. Brunch on the way. Kangaroos, Eagles, Emus and Cassowaries. We also enter the Koala reserve. Koala are funny! 5.00 p.m. noodle time yummm. Penguins are funny too, and are scared of seagulls! We’re back home at 10.00 p.m. and get ready for a night out. Shots and beers, we travel to the Open Bar where an amazing band plays some strange sound we cannot really understand how to classify. Then Night Cat, kebab, Black Cat, and Open Bar again, to finish off the night with a couple of rum shots.

15/04/07 Tripping around town in the morning. Last coffee at Pellegrini. Then back home, packing and hugging the Germans goodbye. We take the bus to the intercity bus station, shop at 7/11 for dinner and leave Melbourne. As the double-decker bus leaves in the night a familiar language is spoken by a large (to say it so) girl on Andrea’s side. “Zhao” is both a familiar and unfamiliar sound. We meet Laura da Bologna (Zhao, sono Laura da Bulogna!), travelling in Australia, and talking for ages at her cellphone!

lunedì, maggio 21, 2007

" 'cause in this great big universe, we're the stars on earth"

des'ree - "what's your sign"

martedì, maggio 15, 2007

Per la serie "been there done that" Io e Kimbozzo all'Opera House di Sidney.
Per il piacere di qualcuno (Rozzo) che mi ha preso in giro per sempre per le mie doti decisamente scarse nella rielaborazione fotografica...beh domenica mi sono messa al pc finchè non ho vinto...non era poi così impossibile!

Schwelmo this is all for you! A little bird (clue: ostrich!!!) told me that in Melbourne you were looking around for the Opera House! Miss you a lot.


I just realise that I don't have so many pics of our days in Melbourne. I was probably too busy all the time looking around, eating around, having too much fun to be bothered to take the camera (fortunally later in the journey I behave much better!)
Hey! Very very important......I have to say a huge thanks to two special people who had us around!

sabato, maggio 12, 2007

"We come from the earth, we return to the earth, and in between we garden" unknown author

First of all I have to say to Isa that maybe I have a clue about Easter bunny. In the German tradition (that's what I read, so sorry to any German if I say bulls*%!). Basically on the saturday night the Easter bunny hide the eggs and the morning after the kids get up and go to find the eggs. Sound lots of fun!! (yeah right!). I know it still doesn't explain why we have a bunny in the way, but at least we know it does something (apparently kids love it, I would say that could piss me off a little!).
I hope that finally this time I'll be able to publish what I write, considered that I tryed at least 4 time here and probably 5 e-mail to Isa that everytime were deleted in some way or another... I know I'm a little dumb ass! ihihi
Ok now we get serious......time for some pics ladies and gentlemen!

I'll put just few pics per post,otherwise I mess up! : P

Scudy and Kimboz backpackers

venerdì, maggio 11, 2007

Welcome home

Kimboz & Scudy are back home!
I don't have lot of time right now, but I suppose is the minimum to say where we are and that we're ok.
In this pic the Alps while we were flying home.