mercoledì, aprile 18, 2007

Lavori in corso

In this moment I'm downloading the pictures from my last week-end in Aotearoa until today (Sidney, Oz), so no pictures for now.

It's our 3rd day in Sidney. Finally we decide to have a little break and sit down doing our things, like checking mail and stuff like that.

First of all I have to say a huge thanks to all my Kiwi friends.
A really heart-warming goodbye, very unespected for me. (pictures coming soon)

Than I have to say thank you to our Germans friends of us in Melbourne, who make our days very specials!

And now I'll go and try to organise my pics and make you have a look of our journey.

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Blogger Schwelmo ha detto...

Hey, you two ! How is the traveling going? Do I book I flight to the Cook Islands? Or better not? Looking forward to pics! You not missing much here!

4:04 AM  

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