giovedì, gennaio 18, 2007

What if...

If you had the chance to ask whatever you like. No restrictions. As many wishes as you want.
I had a little list.
With no particular order:
*Know all the languages of the world. I mean all. Switch from one to another as if was only one. No problem of misunderstanding because of the translation. Just have all inside.
*Be able to "read the eyes" of the people.
*A little bit of money, why not, once I'm asking!
*Give the happiness to all the people I love. Real happiness. See them achieving what they want. See them fully satisfied.
*World peace. I know it's so obvious, and yes I know I'm not even in a beauty contest, but I think would be nice. [or maybe war it's in the homo sapiens dna?!?]
*Leave this job as a winner, even if I know they'll never give me any kind of satisafaction. Bastards.
*Fully enjoy this 2 months of being unemployed, and maybe if the chance will happen, do something as well.
*All the best to mum and dad.
*Be happy, with K or not (even if I actually hope with him!), wherever, whenever.
*K to be happy, with me or not (but yes i would like with me!)
*Travel as long as i feel like.
*Don't be worry about job.
*Be thin, fit and beautiful (what you want? I'm only a silly girl, ok?!?!)
If I can ask everything...
*Win a gold medal at the olimpics.

At the moment i can't think about anything alse....

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Anonymous Anonimo ha detto...

Hi all!
New Game


5:15 PM  
Blogger Scudy&Kimboz ha detto...

Voglio un casco di panna montata, e me lo voglio poi mettere in teste, e poi mangiare la panna montata, mangiarla tutta fin quando ne resta (Voglio di piu' - e non mi basta mai!)

questa era la mia preferita

4:19 AM  

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