lunedì, gennaio 01, 2007

Happy new year fellas!

Buon anno!!!!!

A presto il resoconto completo della nostra vacanza nella terra del Sud.
Per il momento fate festa, addivittitivi, e pensateci un pochino. Noi lo facciamo!

Soon the tale about our holiday in the land of the South.
For now just party, have fun, and think about us a little bit like we do!!

Baci e abbracci

Scudy e Kimboz

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Anonymous Anonimo ha detto...

happy new year my beloved sicilians! may you have a fantastic 2007 and even cooler years to follow. hope to see you soon in melbourne.

dorit, the ostrich

11:38 AM  
Anonymous janneke ha detto...

Hi Barbara and Andrea,
How are you doing in Kiwiland? I read you went to the South Island? Good on you! I really want to know what it was like, and now I'm the one being jealous at the weather :). How is it going with the plans to return to Sicily? Well, of course best wishes for you ans greet Isabel from me!

3:34 PM  
Blogger Scudy&Kimboz ha detto...

Ciao Janneke!!!
So good to hear from You
It was a great time and weather is enough to maje you jealous.
We're moving away in april, to change country.
Tell us a bit about you!
Big hugs
Andrea and Barbara

11:09 PM  

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