sabato, dicembre 09, 2006


I have been somehow sick the whole week. I started feeling awkward snice monday, and waking up was difficult and I was always tired.
It had worsened gradually along the week, until today, after accomplishing to organize the trip to the South Island, I walked out of a pub (well, THE Pub), with a throbbing headache, feeling that i had pushed it too far, that I had ignored it too long.
I drove home and there my head started feeling like imploding. Went to bed and kind-of-slept of that incongruous sleep of the feverish sickness.
I also received a phone call I long awaited and should have welcomed ... but I couldn't really talk properly.
Then I got up, puked and brushed my teeth.
I usually feel instantly well after throwing up.
Not this time, I mean, i feel better, but still like crap.
But at least, AT LEAST, I organised the trip.
Nothing can go wrong now ;-)

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