lunedì, dicembre 11, 2006

I want to be free

Voglio andare a casa, voglio andare via, voglio vivere "in vacanza da una vita". Vacanza vera. Niente pensieri, niente sensi di colpa.
Fare cio` che mi va.
Vedere il sole.
Avere coraggio.
Guardare il mondo da un oblo`! Quando mi va. E a volte no. Guardarlo senza nessuna restrizione e nessun confine. Poter guardare il mondo dall'alto di una montagna. Dall'alto sopra il mare. Vicino la costa, sopra un'isola, nel mezzo dell'oceano.
Questo e` quello che voglio.

I want to go home, I want to go away, I want to live on a holiday for life. Real holiday. No worries, no feeling of guilty.
Do what I want to.
Smile. Laugh
Be in the sunshine.
Be brave.
Look at the world through a porthole!
And other times look at the world without any restriction, no borders.
Be able to see everything from the top of a mountain.
Flying on top of the ocean. Close to the coast, by an island, in the middle of nothing.
That's what I want.

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Anonymous will ha detto...

…no worries… I can understand that; but what do you mean with the feeling of being guilty? …about what?
Do what you want; …as long as you remember that your freedom ends where the others freedom begins.

3:19 AM  
Blogger Scudy&Kimboz ha detto...

Sometimes happened that I felt guilty because I was doing nothing but being on holiday while ohter people were doing something. From now I want to learn to feel "unguilty", always respecting others.You're absolutely right.

10:00 PM  

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