giovedì, novembre 02, 2006


I know it's ages we don't put new stuff in here, so I can start from my birthday. Here some pics of me and friends.
Lots of people were far far away from me. I still think about you every single day I swear.

I also have to get the chance to say happy birthday to lots of people I know. Maybe they'll never see this page, but this is for them. I still have all the day written in my agenda.

First of all Karen Salvador. (hope you're happy my dear)
Giuliano Cangiano.
Eric Johnson. (who knows what are you doing now..)
Jenny Martinez.
Marco Strano. (DDD ancora ti pensa sempre!)
Giacomino Palilla. (come stai?)
Julie Debard.
Jana Gutsche.
Katrin Grage.
Carlos Uribe.
Rohit Basu.
Antonio Catania.
Matt Koeth. (un grandissimo abbraccio anche a Cristina- signora Chiff!!!)
Luana Carrubba. (Ho saputo che e` un maschietto....mamma mia!!!)

Here the springtime maybe is starting....I shouldn't say never know tomorrow it's gonna rain!

That's all folks!
Last picture is me and Kimboz in Shepparton..... When I'll be in a better mode I'll talk about that trip!

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Anonymous pohanginapete ha detto...

Happy birthday, Barbara (whenever it was). If I get a chance for a beer over here in India, I'll drink one for you ;^)

Hi Andrea, too. Look forward to seeing you guys next year.


11:39 AM  
Blogger Scudy&Kimboz ha detto...

See us next year!???
That would be awesome, you know how much i'd love it!

4:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonimo ha detto...

Siete proprio belli voi due... Vi invidio l'estate che state per cominciare e la meraviglia quotidiana dei risvegli condivisi ;-)) Be happy!

8:27 PM  

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