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Oh Island in the Sun

There is a world whose beauty reached for me in the past years of my life, through the cathodic brilliance of television shows and coumentaries. The pacific Island have been a name whithout much meaning for a long time.

Until not more than two weeks ago I left the wintery land of the Kiwis for a leap into the largest of the Fijian islands. I stayed in Viti Levu in a coastal zone known as the Coral Coast. looking at the map just east of Sigatoka.
The place was a resort on the beach with nice
palms hanging tilted towards the waterfront, which in turn withdrew and rose a lot with the tide, leaving an uncovered multitude of shells and "thingies" on the bared sand.
Unfortunately having a coral barrier means that You can't really swim, as the highest depth of the water is about 1 meter, and the only chance to get deeper water is to walk a couple of hundred meters knee-deep in water and getting the feel slashed by the corals. Which I don't recommend.

On the other side if You like snorkeling there are beautiful places and plenty of "fishies". the place is so naturally beautiful that You really don't need much else. I wouldn't have minded going around a bit or hiring a car for a tour of the island, but I couldn't find company and put up with staying idle (I actually managed to find someone willing to come with me in Singatoka once, so i could escape from the resort).

I stayed a lot on the side of the small pool (which I used as a shower to remove salt after snorkeling) and drank quite a lot of "slushies" (cocktails were pretty expensive) and local beer (Fiji Bitter - the cheap one!). I probably understood what I already knew about holidays. I am not made to laze and get bored on the pool side ... I need to rumble out and just drive to exhaustion, looking for more places, more views, more. More.

Nevertheless I have to admit that this 5 days of paradise recharged a lot my batteries. They also eventually made me think about my life ad the future that awaits me. I knew many interesting people. I learnt that there's a man whose roots lie in Sicily who does cruise travels for a living (and doing quite well apparently) and is repairing the Tongan Royal canoe.

There was a scuba diving man loving Brazilian who managed to drag his Malaysian seemingly not to willing girl down a few meters underwater in some beautiful coral reef paradise. And a pretty Canadian girl who couldn't get a visa to stay permanently in Oz, so she had to take a week overseas every three months (poor thing!), and threw a raw egg at me (splattering it despite my diving effort to keep it whole).

There's a lot more to say, but for the moment I offer You my few words and some pics borrowed from the internet. They are taken at the Mango Bay resort, for what's worth.

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Blogger Schwelmo ha detto...

Which men do not like Brazilians!?

4:12 AM  
Blogger Scudy&Kimboz ha detto...

Remember what you promise me....You know it's hard for me to forget...(and even harder to forgive if you forget!). Before we go home there are some places we have to go together...even if we're not "together" any more!

11:18 AM  
Anonymous sono io ha detto...

Ciao Kimboz, ho visto il tuo messaggio sul blog ed eccomi, guardo il tuo e vorrei non dirlo ma te lo devo proprio dire.... Sto un po morendo di invidia, perche' anche per me quelle isole hanno solo avuto un pezzo di sogno in mezzo al pacifico....
anyway I am happy you got to go,e che ti hai addivettito.
per ora un bascio, ps mi ha detto roby che nnon hai piu' l 'email i tre alberi perche' 'e li che avevo mandato il link allora quale 'e la tua nuova mail?
keep us informed

9:18 AM  

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