lunedì, settembre 04, 2006

Lost in translation

It's sad, but inevitable at the same time, when something is written in a language and translate in another one, something is always missing.
I think is a really sophisticate process I'll not talk in detail about, specially because I don't have the proper knowledge.
I was looking on Wikipedia the name of my home town, Catania, and in the Italian version I found lots of intersting details about the history, the real life, music, artists...I mean of course not everything, but a nice big piece of what it is.
In the English version there is a missing part of information about the city. Actually an "American version" of it.
I'm bit upset about it, because in the Italian pages you can find a real description of what mafia is and means here.
Who were and who are the main characters.
Is good because tells you something people most of the times ignore.
Mafia is not what you see on tv. It can possibly be a little part of what mafia is now (or was in the '50) in the US, but is not what we have here.
Here Mafia is something that moves the economy. Most of the times on a level you can't immagine.
Is not only "bang bang" in the streets. Is much more than that.
Is politicians, is having the power to undertake the job for a public building, is having the power of giving jobs to people who desperatly need it, is having control of the ignorant mass.
Is what everywhere else is just called politics and corruption.
I am sick and tired of people asking me where I am from and as soon as they hear Sicily they say: "oh oh mamma mia...mafioso".
Is one of the things I hate most.
Is not funny.
Specially when they have no idea what they're talking about. They have no idea how the life is here, no idea of how great is this country (of course with all the good and bad things).
Is a big big place with lots of people and lots of history. And yes lots of contradictions.....but not lot of places in the world can have the fortune to be perfect (and boring my opinion).
They have no idea about my family, about my mum and/or my dad. No idea about what my grandparents were doing here. We live in Catania since generations. Most of them travel a lot around the world, when travelling around the world was really something special and use to take months!
Maybe today I'm just too angry. But was something I kept inside for so long...

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Blogger Will-Pic ha detto...

Hi Italien, what you wrote there.
By the way, I deleted my Blog and opened a new one.
take care,

9:28 AM  
Blogger Scudy&Kimboz ha detto...

I have seen the pics!
They're beautiful~

12:51 AM  

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