venerdì, agosto 04, 2006

Dai diamanti non nasce niente, dal letame nascono i fior

I am still surprised by how people can crave peace even after so much bloodshed and havoc has been brought.
Today in my garden a flower has broken thru the cold, wet terrain, where i did not lay or sow anything. It just decided to come forth in its beautiful oranges and yellows, to remember me of how extraordinary is life when springs out unsolicited and unaware.
As well i hope that people who want peace and press for it will outnumber the ones who live of war.
The hounds of war are on the loose, in many counties, with journalists arousing people.
"We have to defend ourselves!"
"We have to strike before we are hit and destroyed."
The more times goes by, the more people are unresponsibly calling for violence.
We have short memory and we don't remember how quickly violence calls violence.
Or how quickly things get out of hand and how long it takes to build again. We also forgot how easy it is to fall into situation from where there is no way back.
We fall too easily backwards. We fall too easily for money, blood and revenge.
Still, some flowers break the ground, and things start over.

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