venerdì, agosto 25, 2006


I know I shouldn't...but yes, even I am a product of our century.
Mobile phone dead and total black out in my that possible?!
No more phone numbers, no more chance to be in touch with other people...the only thing I wanted in these days at home.....
I am furious. It's brand new...shouldn't have this kind of problems....yeah right!
I thought million times so far to write all my numbers down on a little "old style" address book, but because I'm the laziest person on this world I always said..." oh well one day more one day less, my numbers will always be there...." dammit!!!!
Ok cool relax. zen...nothing can touch me.....
What I did in these days.
I show some pictures of a place that is absolutely amazing.... I've been there with my friend Miky and her cousin.
The place is called "Scala Dei Turchi" (Turkish's stairs), is close to Agrigento. To be precise just 10 minutes after Porto Empedocle (bit west than Agrigento).
If some of you will ever have the chance...go there!
Like always...I'm not the best to put lots of pics together and make the page look nice at the same time...oh well...try to appreciate the place and not my job!

The rock is actually limestone, they say is very good for your skin.....

And of course the famous "stairs",
...but what about the Turkish?!?

See you later alligator!

Kimboz miss you a lot


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