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Anonymous Anonimo ha detto...

pfffft.. you are just there because you paid the referee for the game against australia! *putarmsoverheadandrunaway*


10:00 AM  
Blogger Scudy&Kimboz ha detto...

Probably, and I know we don't have a very good reputation around, seems like in this world cup no one likes Italy. Oh well.... But the German asses were kicked fairly. Sorry.
Now that Australia and Germany are gone are you gonna support France?!?

12:41 PM  
Blogger Schwelmo ha detto...

The guy in the middle is practising falling down, isn't he? You gonna start you diving in the final again.
"the German asses we kicked fairly".... well at least during the 120min but not to sure about the story about the suspension of Frings.
I don't understand why the Greek football association got suspendend from the FIFA and you guys were allowed to start at the World Cup
Still like you ;-)
I go for France! Allez les bleus!

11:52 PM  
Blogger Scudy&Kimboz ha detto...

This world cup is bringing out the worst from every person I know. It's sad. Personally I'm gonna watch the final and hope for Italy, and not talk about it anymore.

2:50 AM  
Blogger Scudy&Kimboz ha detto...

It is incredible how it is to forget things You don't want to remember.
When Totti got sent off for spitting an opponent during an international competition, everyone seemed to be so horrified. The images were taken from a Danish TV and nobody thought it was unfair.
What a mess when the same thing happened to a german defender.... whoa! Italians these cheaters!!!
Against Australia we had an incredible red card (NO WAY!!!) and the penalty can not be contested (it was certainly stupid for the defender to slide tackle like that, and smart by Grosso to look for the contact, but that's experience, not cheating).
It is weird the way that nobody likes the way tha ITA natinal team plays, even it is clearly the best soccer expressed in this World Cup (together with Argentina I have to admit!). It nearly seems that we should be ashamed to have good defenders and strikers that score at every game.
When other teams do worse than the ITA, then it's fair enough (divings by English, German, Brazil don't count?). Italy obvioulsy it's worse. They are natural cheaters, they have it in the blood.
P.S.1: i don't get the thingy about the Greek NT
P.S.2: we have the best team so far in the world cup, playing the best soccer
P.S.3: i still like you

3:53 AM  
Blogger Schwelmo ha detto...

Barb: Football is worse than religion! So of course you see the worse of every person. The good thing is it is only restricted to football and doesn't has an influence in the other parts of life.
A: The Greek football association got kicked out of the FIFA because of the to high influence of officials and politicians on their clubs...
Haven't seen any diving from German or English players. Except for Portugal (and Italy in the quarter final) there wasn't much of it at all, I thought.
Anyway, I just look for a way not to say "you were better"

11:06 AM  

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