sabato, giugno 03, 2006

Il Ballo di S. Vito

Il Ballo di S. Vito (Dance of S. Vito, also known as Sydenham's corea) is a disease which strikes the victim with unvoluntary, fast movements. The impossible task of stillness.
Vinicio Capossela, a great Italian musician and composer, associates it with the impossbility of staying still, with his own restlessness, the constant need to move away.
Apparently the young Vinicio hometown priest once told him that "no moss grows on the rolling stone", marking his life and anticipating what his travelling gipsy life would have been.
So we are.
Gipsies, choosing for ourselves the doom not to stay, to move around, seeking for relief.
Here we are, as far as we could get from the motherland, far from everything, so that we can regret things we miss.
Travelling to open our minds, to enlighten our souls, but eager to fill our bellies back with the delicatessen we used to at home.

I feel whole and complete.
I could travel my whole life with no place to call home.
I found my home, it is You.
I found my land, it lies in your skin, your flesh, your curve profile.
It stays in the smell of your sleeping body.
Reflects the light with your gleaming eyes. When they look at me and speak of [what you know].
I only hope I will not try to escape this land.
That restlessness won't take me away.
For I can't be sure of this, ever.

But I [what you know]

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Blogger Scudy&Kimboz ha detto...

mamma miaaa......... che formaggio!
I still dream to travel somewhere else...I'll probably never stop...and you?Hope to go around together for a little while....

6:26 AM  

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