martedì, aprile 18, 2006

Crossing the Tongariro (1)

Easter break is a nice time to go around and use some advices people tell You when work swallow all of Your free time. Plus lately bench work, that i fancy more, has been slow until (hopefully) this week, so I've been trying to be in the office reading and getting updated on the work yet to come.
This means that I stayed a lot of time sitting in my office chair and watching into a computer screen.
The idea of spending a weekend outside was then very appealing, and I decided to propose the Tongariro Crossing, for this past two days.
Barby was molten by an excruciating working week, so i let her sleep for the afternoon of friday and started worrying at about 6.30 p.m. when she didn't want to wake up. When i tried to move her in bed to let her stand and finally talk about this project of mine, she told me to get in the line, that she had heaps of work, and I should have waited my turn. Later she claimed she was dreaming (mmhhh).
Well, eventually she gets up, and we start planning (I do it, while she nods unconvincingly).
We (Barbs) decide to have dinner and (me) to start looking on the internet for a place to stay.
After some effort we manage to
1) eat some nice steak with good wine
2) find a place for 20$ a night at Ohakune, where the landlord leaves the door open and we can arrive anytime in the night (night here starts very early, at about 9.00 p.m.).
We leave and we find the cabin heated and cosy. We then decide to join the sleeping bags and sleep in one single bed. I wake up early with B's elbow in the ribs, tired and weak.
As soon as we reach National Park we realise that the bus that leaves you on one side od the walk and recovers on the other side the exhausted hikers left about two hours b4.
We decide then (after a short discussion) that we might do something for that first day and then do the crossing the sunday.
Saturday then continued with a huge "Kiwi breakfast" (same as english breakfast but in New Zealand) and the booking of a night at the hostel. There the bus will leave us (the morning after) to the track beginning.
The day was quite pleasant with a pretty easy walk to the Taranaki falls (I wonder why the name, since mount Taranaki is not right behind the corner... very nice trip, though).
The day completes with a grocery shopping in a nearby town where we discovered we already have been about one year ago, ragged and desperate after a night out in the car. There is a very nice cafe there, though, and I decide to eat a cheese scone.
We spend a nice time wandering around and eating dinner, preparing sandwiches for tomorrow and so on.
During the night at about 2.30 a.m. the night trembles to the sound of incredible yells coming from the hostel, somewhere.
Barby grunts in the sleep and , to my dismay, turns from my shoulder to the other side, leaving me with someone screaming in something that sounded Danish or so, and awake.

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