mercoledì, marzo 22, 2006

Della serie "che tonna 2"!

Actually I did it last week, but really I didn't have time to write it.
...What a girl I am!!!!!
I prepared pasta with ragu`...making my ragu`... and best of the best (I know this will sound heresy for Mr Schwelm...sorry!) with the mince I made some meatballs.
I can tell you the recipe but of course as a good Italian style I have no idea about the quantity...I mean when taste's done ,when it taste good is ok!
Ok I'll try...
Ragu`: 1) onion with a bit of olive oil in the pan, 2) put the mince in the pan and let it stay until is almost cooked, 3) add chopped or whole peeled tomatoes in tomato juice (normal more than $1!) 4) adjust of salt, pepper, oregano, and/or other spices if you like them.
Pasta: everyone knows how to cook bit of pasta..and if you don't..well you're on line, so...have a look around!
Meatballs: 1) mince in a bowl, 2) add one egg, 3) add breadcrumbs, 4) add parmesan cheese, 5) add bit of milk, 6) adjust of salt and pepper. The goal to achieve is... smooth mix that taste good!
Make lots of little I have to tell you how?! And now in the oven not too high temperature (max 150) until they're ready!!
Ok I know as recipe doesn't sound professional,but if I did it.......
From Scudy with love!

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Blogger Scudy&Kimboz ha detto...



10:47 AM  
Blogger rosanna ha detto...

Tomorrow I'll go to a press open day on tomato sauce's healthy properties... that's not a joke, it's hard work! but someone have to do it. I'll have also some half an hour of workshop with chef focused on tomato recipes and so on... wow. I'll tell you about great new tastes discovery and, obviously, about the extraordinary impact of amatriciana maccheroni on your life!

well, in the afternoon I'll be busy with Tuberculosis day celebration... but I don't think you are interested about

8:21 PM  
Blogger Schwelmo ha detto...

You are what you eat my little meatball! ;-P

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Janneke ha detto...

It was very tasty indeed, and I can tell, cause I tasted!

1:21 AM  

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