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A few days ago we went to the cinema to see Brokeback Mountain. The movie left us with a strange feeling and a discussion sprang regarding feeling and choosing in life.
I was strongly supporting the view that if there's something in life that we can't win and make us feel unhappy there's just two chances. Trying to live without it, or send everything to hell and do whatever makes us feel good. It seemed quite a reasonable point of view, but the more I go on the more I realise that when I say my (probably judgemental and extreme) point of views in this direction, there's always someone trying to tell me that "it's not so easy".
It's possibly not, I agree, but yet, when it comes to your life, i guess there's nothing like a compromise, that can make you happy. I don't even have the religious help of life after death thoughts. As i can only firmly believe that You only have to dig the most from this one passage, I can not either feel any sympathy for the characters, chiefly for Heath Ledger's one.
I thought of writing something like this in here. Somehow i couldn't, I felt blocked at all.
What drove me out of this immobility was the second movie I saw just a few days afterwards.
Walk the Line is a great affresco, a reasonably believable (and most probably true) story of about 20 years in the life of Johnny Cash, a writer-singer whose songs were once very famous and now are probably known by a small circle of aficionados.
The life and the deeds of this guy were much more controversial than just the (nowadays) semi-comical love of the Brokeback cowboys. Still, in my view this guy was so much easier to understand and identify with. No matter whether he was jeopardising families and putting many things at risk with his behaviour, the choice he always did was to life his life fully.
This can look quite an inconsistent point of view from me. I guess. But the more i grow old, the more i firmly believe that every choice has its victims. And the more we search for a reason why and a mechanism that allows us to interpret the reason of the sorrow we sow, the more the answer seems to be that there is no way to avoid it.
We only need to face, fearless and alone, the frenzy of this unforseeable wind. Take cover when things seem to get worse, face it when it appears it's the only way to live through it.

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Blogger Schwelmo ha detto...

I am with you! But we discussed this b efore.

11:17 PM  
Blogger Scudy&Kimboz ha detto...

I'm with the opinion that is not always so easy. For myself I try to be strong and decide what's the best and not suffer too much, but it's not easy specially when you love someone....

1:37 AM  

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