sabato, marzo 18, 2006

Autumn leaves

Autumn is here, leaving an unaccomplished summer behind, with burning sun, sweeter winds than those that stirred our hair in the winter, and nice, light soaked days.
Still it doesn't feel like a summer.
I missed the long days on the beach, the quite Mediterranean water where to spend endless days softening my skin amongst the coloured fish and the more colorful tourists.
I have missed it for a long time, too. When I first arrived in Aotearoa it was going to be spring and all my body was ready for the upcoming summer.
It was sadly a foreign windy and rainy winter (with mild spots, though!). Our second in a row.
After that, last Christmas there should have been (finally) summer.
We went home, instead, and enjoyed a 2 weeks of winter before being actually able to return to our long-desired summer. Still windy, rainy for our Sicilian standards. But summer.
It's been winter in my life for a long long time too.
There was an autumn in 1999, and henceforth a fast falling into a 5-years long winter.
I see my heart now springing back again into life. But it took a while.
I am happy and I am in love with someone that may be the right one. But this post is also thoughtful of another person who spent much of her time with me when it was winter inside me in the land of the sun. She's married now and she had a hard time with me. Now she's married and hopefully happy.
I would really like her to read this ... straighten things between us. Just to be peaceful with the past. I managed to be a good friend with the one that was my first love. I often think of her and wish her the best (Ciao Skawfz!).
I wish the same will be with the this one love whose name I am not mentioning (people that know me in Catania know for sure who she is).
Some day maybe,
meanwhile i live my spring in the land of the rain!

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Blogger Schwelmo ha detto...

Hey! Look out of the window! Its a beautiful spring like day. In the middle of autumn. Enjoy!

11:52 PM  
Anonymous pohanginapete ha detto...

I know what you mean about this summer, Andrea. I'm trying to recall how often I sat on my verandah in the evening with a glass of wine; listening to music through the open windows; watching colours changing on clouds over the eastern hills; enjoying the sight of the hawk making its way home beyond the edge of the river terrace or swallows flitting over the paddock and catching small insects...

But it wasn't often this summer.

Maybe it'll be a great autumn. And every season has its special appeal. Even winter.

9:34 PM  

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