lunedì, marzo 27, 2006

quanti ricordi...

Della serie "che tonna 3"!

If only I was able to do it...I will marry me!
I'm such a good girl!!!
Ok saturday new recipe.
Risotto con i funghi (mushroom risotto)
As well as for the other repice the quantity of the ingredients follow the rules "when taste good and when look done...well probably is done and it will taste good!"
1) - onion and olive oil in the pot, 2) - prepare the broth in another little pot. hot water, vegetable stock, salt and dried m'room, 3) - as soon as the onion in the big pot start to ffriishhhhh put the raw rice (more or less 3 cups for 4 pax) and 4 fresh button m'room or 2 if they are the big portobello, 4) - stir the rice and when it start to look dry ( just before it stick on the pot forever!) add one cup of stock per time..and let it dry again.....and another cup....basically until ther rice taste cooked, 5) - final touch (and here Mr Vegan can use some different ingredient!) just before serving the risotto add two scoop of butter ( for Isa even 2 more!) and a bit of parmesan cheese.
Buon Appetito!
Ok ok I have to be fair...
Kimboz make the was great! Give you the feeling to stay at home..
What a good man he is!!!
...well of course not as good as me...!

domenica, marzo 26, 2006

Lo sapevate che....?

Nelgli ultimi 50 anni l'asinello da indispensabile compagno di lavoro e` giunto oggi sull'orlo dell'estinzione......

In the last 50 years from essential work mate the donkey is now almost extinct (why doesn't exist in english a word for "ciuchino?!")....
Save the donkey!!!!!

mercoledì, marzo 22, 2006

Della serie "che tonna 2"!

Actually I did it last week, but really I didn't have time to write it.
...What a girl I am!!!!!
I prepared pasta with ragu`...making my ragu`... and best of the best (I know this will sound heresy for Mr Schwelm...sorry!) with the mince I made some meatballs.
I can tell you the recipe but of course as a good Italian style I have no idea about the quantity...I mean when taste's done ,when it taste good is ok!
Ok I'll try...
Ragu`: 1) onion with a bit of olive oil in the pan, 2) put the mince in the pan and let it stay until is almost cooked, 3) add chopped or whole peeled tomatoes in tomato juice (normal more than $1!) 4) adjust of salt, pepper, oregano, and/or other spices if you like them.
Pasta: everyone knows how to cook bit of pasta..and if you don't..well you're on line, so...have a look around!
Meatballs: 1) mince in a bowl, 2) add one egg, 3) add breadcrumbs, 4) add parmesan cheese, 5) add bit of milk, 6) adjust of salt and pepper. The goal to achieve is... smooth mix that taste good!
Make lots of little I have to tell you how?! And now in the oven not too high temperature (max 150) until they're ready!!
Ok I know as recipe doesn't sound professional,but if I did it.......
From Scudy with love!

sabato, marzo 18, 2006

Autumn leaves

Autumn is here, leaving an unaccomplished summer behind, with burning sun, sweeter winds than those that stirred our hair in the winter, and nice, light soaked days.
Still it doesn't feel like a summer.
I missed the long days on the beach, the quite Mediterranean water where to spend endless days softening my skin amongst the coloured fish and the more colorful tourists.
I have missed it for a long time, too. When I first arrived in Aotearoa it was going to be spring and all my body was ready for the upcoming summer.
It was sadly a foreign windy and rainy winter (with mild spots, though!). Our second in a row.
After that, last Christmas there should have been (finally) summer.
We went home, instead, and enjoyed a 2 weeks of winter before being actually able to return to our long-desired summer. Still windy, rainy for our Sicilian standards. But summer.
It's been winter in my life for a long long time too.
There was an autumn in 1999, and henceforth a fast falling into a 5-years long winter.
I see my heart now springing back again into life. But it took a while.
I am happy and I am in love with someone that may be the right one. But this post is also thoughtful of another person who spent much of her time with me when it was winter inside me in the land of the sun. She's married now and she had a hard time with me. Now she's married and hopefully happy.
I would really like her to read this ... straighten things between us. Just to be peaceful with the past. I managed to be a good friend with the one that was my first love. I often think of her and wish her the best (Ciao Skawfz!).
I wish the same will be with the this one love whose name I am not mentioning (people that know me in Catania know for sure who she is).
Some day maybe,
meanwhile i live my spring in the land of the rain!

venerdì, marzo 17, 2006

Una e` sempre una pig....una e'sempre perfetta...l'altra e` sempre una nana (Dott.!)....
Quelle pazze..beh che dire!
E poi due persone troppo sensibili per questo mondo crudele...

One is always the same pig, the second is always perfect..the other one is always dwarf (Dr!)...
The group of crazy, comment!
And two people too sensitive for this cruel word...

domenica, marzo 12, 2006


A few days ago we went to the cinema to see Brokeback Mountain. The movie left us with a strange feeling and a discussion sprang regarding feeling and choosing in life.
I was strongly supporting the view that if there's something in life that we can't win and make us feel unhappy there's just two chances. Trying to live without it, or send everything to hell and do whatever makes us feel good. It seemed quite a reasonable point of view, but the more I go on the more I realise that when I say my (probably judgemental and extreme) point of views in this direction, there's always someone trying to tell me that "it's not so easy".
It's possibly not, I agree, but yet, when it comes to your life, i guess there's nothing like a compromise, that can make you happy. I don't even have the religious help of life after death thoughts. As i can only firmly believe that You only have to dig the most from this one passage, I can not either feel any sympathy for the characters, chiefly for Heath Ledger's one.
I thought of writing something like this in here. Somehow i couldn't, I felt blocked at all.
What drove me out of this immobility was the second movie I saw just a few days afterwards.
Walk the Line is a great affresco, a reasonably believable (and most probably true) story of about 20 years in the life of Johnny Cash, a writer-singer whose songs were once very famous and now are probably known by a small circle of aficionados.
The life and the deeds of this guy were much more controversial than just the (nowadays) semi-comical love of the Brokeback cowboys. Still, in my view this guy was so much easier to understand and identify with. No matter whether he was jeopardising families and putting many things at risk with his behaviour, the choice he always did was to life his life fully.
This can look quite an inconsistent point of view from me. I guess. But the more i grow old, the more i firmly believe that every choice has its victims. And the more we search for a reason why and a mechanism that allows us to interpret the reason of the sorrow we sow, the more the answer seems to be that there is no way to avoid it.
We only need to face, fearless and alone, the frenzy of this unforseeable wind. Take cover when things seem to get worse, face it when it appears it's the only way to live through it.

giovedì, marzo 09, 2006

Ehi voi!
Vi stavo solo pensando......

Stile "Ultimo tango a Parigi"....Le persone piu` eleganti della serata quella sera aprirono le danze..
Chi c'era non puo` dimenticarsi questa scena nonche` la mitica Signora S.
Durante quel viaggio l'avvocato si arrabbio` ferocemente con m ...che "trottolina" che sono!ihihi!
Se ci penso ora mi viene da spaccarmi dalle risate..senza offesa please!
Ma come dice Jessica Rabbit "non sono cattiva, e` che mi disegnano cosi`"!Beh io non lo faccio per cattiveria...qualcuno mi ha fatto cosi`!!

Ah bella!

15 dic 2005 2 a.m. ~

Well's part of the job...isn't it?