domenica, febbraio 12, 2006

300 visitors

300 Visitors. 300 of You guys even try to read something we have written.
That's awesome, i have so many things to say and i hope they'll come out slowly enough to allow us to keep the blog alive long enough, let it grow, tend to it carefully as a delicate growing being.
I personally (andrea) am wishing that this may become one day a space where all of you and us can express their thoughts.
I will work for it.

One of the few days when the sun is shining here in the heart of the Manawatu.

Dedicated to you....not all!!! (what a bi/*#!!!)
It's incredible.I'm just bit upset that more often I woke up in the morning (like today at 5!) and the weather is not with me : (
Who knows me knows.....
I need the sun,the summer,warm temperature....I'm just an obvious Sicilian girl deep inside my dna.I can't help it!
Wish you a Wonderful day..whenever the new day arrives to you,in any place of this planet!

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