sabato, gennaio 28, 2006

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My father used to tell me what in turn he was told by his American friend : "there's no free lunch for anyone". He enjoyed puting that accent on that ANYONE in the end, as to say even the luckiests were probably not completely free of burdens. This statement sometimes plays in my mind like a broken disk, I wouldn't know what of our lives is meant to lie in the rails that were laid there from the ones before us. I have to admit that time is strange... things seem to slowly slide to those roads painted by our parents, ancestors, lovers, friends, in a otherwise roadless world...
And so what about work? Destiny? What about freedom and travelling? Do we have choice at all? Wouldn't it be vile to give up hopes and challenge everything, coward to flee when the chances are uneven?
I realise i am drifting ... though the main question remains... we learn to live by the rules. No free lunch. No sideways. Still life shows work has not always been work, and life has not always been like this. People eating their time, their precious hours. Their unreplaceable days. Work is a big whale. What if not water can escape its thin sieve of teeth? Shall we be water then? To survive, not to be digested, decomposed, disintegrated and reduced to nice wheels running senselessly on the trails someone else has drawn for us? Odorless, swift, shapeless.

Vorrei esser come l'acqua, che si lascia andare
Che scivola su tutto
Che si fa assorbire
Che supera ogni ostacolo finche' non raggiunge il mare.
E li si ferma a meditare
per scegliere se esser ghiaccio o vapore
Se fermarsi o se ricominciare

"La canzone dell'acqua" Eugenio Finardi
(Grazie Fosca e Berry)

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Blogger pohanginapete ha detto...

Hey guys, this is a good blog, even if I can understand only half of it ;^) Keep the photos and writing coming (preferably in English; I don't want to encourage the English-speaking hegemony, but I do want to know what you're saying!)

I've alerted Arne to his faux-pas with the link to your site, so I hope you'll be getting a few more visitors soon. You owe me a Guinness at the Celtic (hee-hee).

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Blogger Scudy&Kimboz ha detto...

I acknowledge your guinness!!!
I owe you a direct link as well..., so keep checking us!
See You at the Celtic

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Blogger Schwelmo ha detto...

I am sorry that I disguided people to Microsoft. Even You are sicilian I am sure you didn't want to support this kind of mafia

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